Quality Liaison - Toledo, OH

Company Name:
Blu Perspective
We are looking for a Quality Liaison to represent our customer at a local manufacturing plant.
The ideal candidate will have quality, manufacturing and inspection background.
You must have good communication skills, and be able to speak well with the customer.
Any sort of electronics experience will help you.
You will need to know or learn how to disposition suspect parts and communicate results back to the customer plant.
You need to have the initiative to work on your own and approach plant personnel for help, as necessary.
You may be required to lead up some sorting and inspection activity that may be needed at this port facility.
Good communication and computer skills are necessary for this position.
This role may expand in time to another local manufacturing plant to do the same type of work.
Represent our client at a port facility where you will adhere to all customer/visitor rules (sign-in, safety procedures, etc.)
First level 'quality' contact with customer contacts (in person, phone or email). Response time to customer requests (minimum phone or email) will be usually same day or within 24 hours (excluding customer non-scheduled work days).
Visit the assigned customer location on a regular basis. Review & Verify customer Quality Claims.
- Confirm if material is defective
- Attempt to minimize rejection by separating out good material.
- Maintain detailed report of verified defective material by style, color defect, lot/piece#, etc.
This report will be distributed weekly and may include pictures of defects if available.
Report findings as appropriate via telephone and/or email.
Follow-up on corrective action reports requested by customer.

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