Operator, Soy Plant Relief ZFS - 3rd Shift

Job Description

 Operator, Soy Plant Relief ZFS

Full TimeProductionZeeland, MI


HOURS: 3rd Shift: 9pm to 5am (Monday-Friday with rotating Saturdays)

  1. Performs Soybean Receiving duties during off hours, times of absence of the receiver, or when the receiving area is busy

    1. Assist in coordinating inbound soybean receiving activities and segregation of product.

    2. Physically monitor receiving process to ensure parameters are met.

    3. Take the necessary steps to correct operations when running outside of the desired parameters.

    4. Maintain logs and records.

    5. Run the dryer and maintain parameters and logs


  1. Performs Soy Meal Loader duties during off hours or times of absence of the meal loader

    1. Reads Bill of Lading to confirm proper product and amount to be loaded.

    2. Weighs in empty trucks accurately and on a timely basis.

    3. Loads proper product and amount per the Bill of Lading from overhead bins.

    4. Weighs trucks out after loading and records all information accurately.


  1. Performs Operators duties at times of absence and scheduling conflicts

    1. Physically monitor process temperatures, pressures, material flows and levels to evaluate process operations.

    2. Monitor process results and make the necessary physical adjustments to meet desired operating parameters

    3. Take the necessary steps to correct operations when running outside of the desired parameters.

    4. Maintain logs of instrument readings observed during hourly rounds.


  1. Follow all procedures and policies to meet the requirements of CERT-ID EU non-GMO certification.

  2. Lifts heavy objects by hand and cleans work area, machines, and equipment.

  3. Makes simple adjustments or repairs.

  4. Operates industrial truck/bobcat.

  5. Notify plant manager/supervisor of operational or equipment problems.

  6. Observe all plant and safety policies and procedures.

  7. Performs other related tasks as may be assigned.


 Supporting a drug free workplace


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